Barovier&Toso, revenues up 19% to over 19 million

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«I try never to get down when things go wrong and not to get too excited when things go well. Therefore, I am aware that behind our company’s 2023 results there is also a bit of luck and the driving force of a favorable historical moment for the sector”. Luigi Lucchetta is the chief operating officer of Barovier&Toso, one of the main companies in blown glass artistic lighting, as well as a historic brand of the Murano district, which in 2023 recorded a 19% growth in revenue, reaching an overall turnover of 19, 2 million, of which 85% generated abroad.

The fortune, explains Lucchetta, is that of having a property behind it that has always wanted to invest, even in times of difficulty, not least the one experienced recently, with the surge in gas prices in 2022 which had put the furnaces in crisis of Murano. «In that period we also received important support from the Veneto Region and the government – ​​adds the COO – and this gave confidence to businesses and allowed many to continue their business and continue to invest». After that, it is undeniable that the good results of 2023 – a very difficult year for Italian and European manufacturing in general – are mainly attributable to the company’s strategic choices, carried out decisively in recent years. Starting with a more decisive positioning of the brand on the high-end market, sealed by the investments in Palazzo Barovier&Toso in Murano, the company’s main promotional showcase, alongside the showroom in Milan and the new boutique opened last year in Venice , in the most important luxury shopping street, Calle XXII Marzo. Finally, the opening of the first foreign branch, Barovier&Toso USA based in Miami, aimed at better and more efficient coverage of the North American market, which is very important together with the European one.

For 2024, the commercial strategy aims to strengthen and enhance the Asian market, with the aim of consolidating the brand’s presence in this region and exploiting the opportunities offered by a rapidly expanding market, as well as expanding the offering also to the field of artistic objects, looking at a target of collectors.

«There are many small pieces of a mosaic that have come together and led to the results we have seen», explains Lucchetta, who also says he is optimistic for the coming months. «I have been in this sector for 32 years and I must say that we are experiencing an important moment in the glass field, thanks also to the ability of companies to enhance the “beautiful and well-made” made in Italy characteristics of Murano glass, and certainly also to a Venice factor, which plays its role”, adds the manager, who is also responsible for the glass section in Confindustria Veneto Est.

As for the markets, both Europe and the countries of the Middle and Far East, as well as North America, grew significantly in 2023. The ongoing wars and geopolitical tensions are a cause for concern, but for now they do not seem to have repercussions on exports, which are exported to 95 countries.

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