Banca Malatestiana, loans up by 3.9% The institute is also expanding in the Pesaro area

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The Malatestiana Bank was born almost 22 years ago from the merger of two cooperative credit banks with an almost centenary history (San Vito and Santa Giustina and that of Ospedaletto), but its origins date back to 1914 when, thanks to the action of a priest, Don Giovanni Marconi and 18 other partners, the Cassa Rurale di San Vito was born.

The core area is Romagna, where 27 branches are operational, another 3 are located in the north of the Marche, the last of which opened in Fano, which joins those in Pesaro and Rio Salso. Moreover, the noble Malatesta family from which the Bcc takes its name is originally from Montefeltro, an area that extends for a few kilometers between Marche, Romagna, Tuscany and the Republic of San Marino. «Fano represents a development area that is completely complementary to the territories in which we have operated for some time – explains Enrica Cavalli, president of the bank for 11 years, and one of only 9 women at the top of the 220 national mutual banks – and characterized by the presence of small and medium-sized businesses, born as a family business and led by passionate and far-sighted entrepreneurs: a very lively entrepreneurial reality, with companies also known internationally.”

With its over 6 thousand members and almost 52 thousand customers, it confirms itself among the most solid banks at a national level, so much so that in 2023 it also earned a rating of 5 stars out of 5 from Altroconsumo for the eighth consecutive year, which combines the objectives of economic sustainability with the desire to continue to support local initiatives in favor of social and environmental responsibility. The latest half-yearly financial statement shows the excellent performance of the bank and demonstrates the growing support for the local economic fabric: net profit exceeds 18 million, own funds amount to 228.6 million, CET1 at 27.56% ( «at the top of the national banking system»); performing loans to customers as at 30 June 2023 amounted to 1.2 million (+3.9% on June 2022) and, «despite the uncertain macroeconomic context, they are in contrast with the generally negative dynamics of loans to businesses and families found at the level of the national banking system”. The half-yearly report also demonstrates the further improvement in risk indicators, which led to a net NPL ratio of 1.1% (it was 1.9% in June 2022). «Our role in supporting the real economy therefore takes the form of being a strong and competitive bank, but without renouncing its founding principles inspired by mutuality, cooperation and reciprocity», Cavalli says proudly. No new openings are planned for 2024, but spending vouchers for specialist and/or preventive medical visits for the benefit of members and to strengthen welfare for the 226 employees: the objective is to confirm a solid ability to create value and a high capitalization, while also maintaining a strong focus on ESG.

Founding member and former president of the «iDEE delle Donne del Credito Cooperativo» Association, Enrica Cavalli continues to be committed to promoting gender equality in cooperative credit, «fostering the widest participation of all people who, in various capacities, work and operate in our sector, and stimulating opportunities for meeting, discussion, training and sharing for the benefit of local communities”.

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