Balneari, the Sardinia Region gives the green light to the extension of concessions

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A technical extension until the end of the year is coming for Sardinia’s state-owned maritime concessions. The green light, which postpones the resolution of the issue to the next season, comes from the Regional Council which has established that state maritime concessions for tourist-recreational purposes are also effective for the 2024 season.

Two regional resolutions

The provision is contained in two resolutions adopted by the Region which concern the «Operational guidelines for the management of maritime state concessions for tourist-recreational purposes on the coasts of Sardinia» and the «Contributions to municipalities for planning activities of maritime state property for tourist-recreational purposes ». The Region is also defining the approval of the new regional guidelines for the preparation of the Pul, necessary for the concession but which most municipalities do not have, in such a way as to arrive at December 2024 with the assignment of the concessions. The provision gives operators more time, furthermore the timing would not allow the tenders for assignments to be concluded before the summer. The mapping of beaches and rocky areas should be completed by May to define the spaces and therefore define the criteria for the tenders. The process will be published in September and should be completed within the year. Hence, as the Region makes known, the decision to extend.

Season saved

For the regional councilor for Local Authorities Aldo Salaris this is an important measure that “safeguards the season”. «It was a duty to give an answer to those who risked getting stuck in the bureaucracy, which is why the local authorities department initiated all the necessary actions to provide uniformity and certainty – he adds -. The tourist-recreational companies that operate in the maritime state property have a significant impact on Sardinia’s GDP, carry out a strategic activity within the tourism offer of Sardinia and offer the community primary services on the beach including lifeguards, bathrooms, showers , services for the disabled, equated to public utility services”.

Nearly 2,000 concessions

In the various beaches present in the entire regional territory, as underlined by the executive representative, there are 1950 beach concessions managed by as many entrepreneurial activities. Around 4,000 seasonal workers work around these companies, which in most cases are family-run. An important piece for the regional economy. «Tourism – he added – plays a fundamental role together with agri-food and livestock. A sector that should not be neglected but supported”

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