Avio Aero achieves gender certification

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Su On paper, it is a difficult undertaking: obtaining gender equality certification in a metalworking company that operates in the aerospace sector. Leading the process for Avio Aero, GE Group, was Carlamaria Tiburtini, senior HR Business and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leader of Avio Aero. «Embracing inclusion is a winning choice for companies. A manufacturing company suffers from the fact that it is not a women-friendly reality, and therefore the precise objective of working in this direction is needed.”

The share of women in the company has risen from 11 to 18%, furthermore in Avio Aero there are four female executives reporting directly to the CEO Riccardo Procacci and a first female plant manager, at the head of one of the Avio Aero factories.

Carlamaria Tiburtini’s long experience within L’Oreal created expertise and skills in the field of Diversity managing, which were then put at the service of Avio Aero, in a journey that lasted five years. «We started with three people in the team and today we have 1,500 people actively working on the various pillars related to inclusion, in addition to all the other work» explains the manager. The approach is business oriented and starts from a belief: «inclusion has an impact on company performance and this makes processes easier to implement» she adds. No magic recipe but only the ability and effort to correctly evaluate and classify people according to their skills and competences, regardless of “everyone’s shell”.

Gender is only one of the lines that characterize the inclusion policies, «but the choice to go for gender certification – explains Carlamaria Tiburtini – arises from a fundamental principle, Avio Aero boasts a great innovative content, but innovation comes from eyes different and this cannot be ignored.” Therefore, the promotion of Stem culture and the support of Role Models among young women are in the foreground. And so the theme of Diversity becomes a key principle of management, so much so that managers are periodically assessed through a survey on their capacity for inclusion.

Next to the world of white collars there is that of blue collars, of factories, in which it is necessary to attract female workers. «We are doing work in technical institutes – says Tiburtini – to explain to girls that they can build a technical career in this environment». Gender certification impacts the company’s reputation, Carlamaria Tiburtini continues, “companies are not obliged to follow this path, but doing so goes in the direction of sustainability, corporate reputation and employer branding, it is the right thing to do”. The promotion of inclusion, then, also passes through Avio Aero’s commitment as a pride sponsor in all the sites where it is present.

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