Artificial meat, France follows Italy and proposes a law. Coldiretti: «We are a trailblazer in Europe»

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On synthetic meat, France follows Italy and launches a legislative proposal. «The initiative of the French parliament confirms Italy’s role as a trailblazer in policies to protect citizens’ health», comments the president of Coldiretti Ettore Prandini.

According to what Coldiretti explains, a bill has been submitted to the French Parliament «to ban the production, processing and marketing of synthetic meat throughout the national territory», in the interests of human health, animal health and of the environment.

The initiative refers to a group of parliamentarians from the French National Assembly, belonging to the Les Républicains party who in fact followed what happened in Italy. Formally, the transalpine law proposal, claims Coldiretti, “translates into an amendment to the French Rural Code, which explicitly introduces this ban on production, processing and marketing, only for meat produced in laboratories”.

The French law proposal is accompanied by an introductory report which contextualizes the deputies’ request, within which the Italian law is explicitly cited for example.

«The battle over synthetic meat is now moving to Europe. On the other hand, it would not be the first time that we are pioneers in the EU – continues Prandini -. Suffice it to say that our country, thanks also to the pressure initiated by a collection of signatures by Coldiretti, was the first country to adopt national rules for the obligation of food origin labeling towards which the entire Union is progressively aligning. Europe with the overcoming of doubts and protests, at national and community level, which are now part of the past”.

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