Artificial intelligence, big data and cloud: the Olidata group hires 80 young people in 2 years

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Artificial intelligence, big data, cloud, cybersecurity: the Olidata group continues its growth and, after the 41 hires in 2023, it will make a similar number in 2024, thus bringing the new entries to 80 in the group which today has 130 employees. «The work team is thus enriched with new professional figures and skills», states CEO Cristiano Rufini. «Training and guiding our resources is the key to building our future; a future where the next generations will also have to be protagonists”, continues the manager who aims to further consolidate and strengthen the company’s development and growth strategy.

The 2024 recruiting campaign highlights “the desire to continually invest in the value that every single new resource is able to bring to the corporate landscape”, explains a note. The new hires, with an average age of 35 years, have not only strengthened the company structure and increased existing skills, but have also lowered the average company age, bringing it to 39 years.

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