Artificial intelligence, at Saipem smart cameras on construction sites to manage health and safety

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Artificial intelligence will also be the new frontier in the management of health and safety in the workplace, to improve worker protection. It is with this objective that Saipem has signed with the trade unions, Filctem Cgil, Femca Cisl, Uiltec Uil, an experimental protocol on new digital instrumentation for the protection of worker safety on construction sites, with the implementation of deep AI tools learning.

The use of smart cameras

As a note from the unions explains, the agreement provides for the management of the so-called smart cameras which, by introducing artificial intelligence in the field of workplace safety, will allow an experiment to be carried out on the Argo/Cassiopea construction site.

The National Joint HSE (Health and Safety) body linked to the national employment contract was also involved in the new experiment.

The use of artificial intelligence through smart cameras has opened up the issue of worker privacy. The agreement that was reached by the parties provides for the non-use of the technology for sanctioning purposes.

Workers’ participation

The agreement also represents the point of arrival of the new industrial relations protocol which could materialize in the coming months. A path that began in the midst of the Covid emergency which will allow the real and concrete participation of workers in company decisions to be regulated. In new organizations it has in fact become a priority to share and support aspects such as digitalisation and the environmental and energy transition, in addition to training needs at multiple levels.

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