Apples, exploits in India Coffee conquers the East

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In the agri-food districts of Trentino Alto Adige, the Intesa Sanpaolo report highlights the good performance for the wines and spirits of Trento (+18.9 million euros equal to +8.8%), the second wine district with the greatest growth in value and the only one going against the trend, accelerating in the April-June period (+9.9%) driven by sales in the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and Switzerland. The results of the Trentino apples were also excellent (+13.1 million euros equal to +24.1%) which recorded a jump in sales in Spain (+48%), in the new Indian market (which with 6.6 million euro is the second market, growing by +486%) and in the new emerging countries Saudi Arabia and Brazil. Jams and fruit juices from Trentino-Alto Adige recorded a good increase (+5.2%) thanks to the strengthening in the two main outlet markets, Germany and France. Bolzano wines and spirits increased exports by +8.9% thanks to the recovery in the German market and a new leap in sales in Lithuania and France. Alto Adige cured meats recorded double-digit growth (+13.2%) while finally Alto Adige apples suffered the most significant decline in Germany. In Friuli VG, wines and spirits, together with Caffè di Trieste, are the districts which, despite slowing down, close the 1st half of 2023 in positive territory: brilliant for Wines (+15%) thanks also to the leap in recovery in the Russian market (+210 %). Il Caffè di Trieste continues to invest in medium-long term strategies that tend to spread coffee consumption into the habits of new East Asian markets: this is reflected in the jump in sales in the Republic of Korea (+28%) and in Hong Kong (+121%), while the Greek outlet market further strengthens. Finally, the decline in exports of San Daniele Ham is significant (-6.3% equal to -1.7 million euros): the district whose production is distributed mostly in the domestic market, however held on in the German market (+22 %) first in terms of export weight, but suffered a contraction in the most important markets of France, Austria and the United Kingdom.

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