Aponte’s MSC group ready to save Trieste’s Wartsila: it will make wagons for freight trains

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The MSC group is applying to save the Wartsila factory in Trieste. This was revealed by the owner of the shipping group, Gianluigi Aponte, in an interview with the newspaper Il Secolo XIX, specifying that his intention would be to produce railway carriages within the plant.

«We reached an agreement – Aponte said in the interview – Wartsila closed a plant that produced engines and fired 300 people. We will take back the 300 people and create a railway wagon factory for goods.”

Special freight wagons

These are, added the shipowner, who recently bought 50% of Italo, “special vehicles that allow you to transport more cargo”. The one in Wartsila in Trieste, continued Aponte, “is a beautiful structure which, moreover, we need”. The MSC group controls, among other things, Medway, a railway company present in Italy and several European countries, and the logistics company MedLog.

The Ita Airways enigma

Aponte also spoke about the Ita Airways operation. «For us – he underlined – that dossier is closed. the company was awarded to Lufthansa and, unless there are antitrust problems, or things of that kind, I consider it closed for the moment.”

The shipowner, however, also opens a window of opportunity, should there be a request from the Italian Government. “If the Government asked me, we could see,” he said. “For the moment, however, I’m not thinking about it because for me it’s a closed game.”

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