Alitalia, extension to 28 December of the deadline to join the voluntary exodus

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Alitalia employees in extraordinary administration will have a few more days to communicate their possible ‘non-opposition’ to the dismissal: from 22 December the new deadline is set at 28 December. This is foreseen in the minutes of agreement signed yesterday by the extraordinary commissioners and the trade unions Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti, Ugl, Anpac, Anpav and Usb at the end of the meeting which was held to verify the application of the agreement of 7 December after the start of the dismissal procedures, based on law 223 of 1991, communicated on December 1st.

According to the agreement, the extraordinary administration would have communicated the placement into mobility to all those who declared “non-opposition” to the placement into mobility no later than 22 December, thus leaving the CIG to enter the Naspi regime. This step also provides for the salary integration of the Fsta, the extraordinary air transport fund. But, we read in the text of the agreement, “given the high number of declarations received, the parties agreed on the usefulness of a postponement” of the December 22nd deadline. This “in order to encourage and promote the contents and communication of the application methods of the agreement towards the entire pool of potential recipients, with the aim of encouraging appropriate assessments by workers and the adoption of the relevant membership initiatives to the agreement on the part of all those for whom the termination of the relationship with access to the income support tools guaranteed by the current legislation may represent a preferable option to remaining in CIGS until 31 October 2024”.

The collective dismissal procedures for 2668 workers considered redundant from the old Alitalia began on December 1st. Of these workers on zero-hour layoffs, 469 units are in the ground sector, 111 in maintenance, 280 staff, 293 pilots and 1515 flight attendants. Overall, Alitalia in extraordinary administration has 2840 employees. In fact, to the 2668 workers suspended under redundancy payments, 172 employees of the extraordinary administration must be added for the needs related to the completion of the program, the completion date of which is set for 15 January 2024.

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