AI increases the sustainability of businesses but is only used by 8% of SMEs

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Focus on the topic of Artificial Intelligence in companies from an Industry 5.0 perspective. The topic is at the center of a study carried out by the CIM4.0 National Competence Center which focuses, in particular, on SMEs which are still on the margins if we look at the percentages of use of advanced technologies linked to the world of AI. Only 8% of small and medium-sized companies use AI in production and 6% in logistics, while in large companies these percentages reach 26% and 32% respectively.

The success of AI is linked to the ability and willingness of companies to adopt a technologically advanced organizational model, which puts data at the center of processes and which is in line with the objectives of Industry 5.0, the new paradigm for the digitalisation of companies. Therefore technology and business organization, together.

“Artificial Intelligence for industry, Scenarios and guidelines for Made in Italy companies” is the title of the study – enriched by an analytical roadmap and successful application cases – presented on the occasion of the 18th edition of the A&T International Fair scheduled at the Oval Lingotto in Turin. The digital transformation of businesses and the use of artificial intelligence technologies integrate the model of sustainable companies from a social, environmental and economic point of view.

The global AI market was valued at 150.2 billion dollars in 2023 and is expected to gradually establish itself with an annual growth rate of 36.8% until 2030. It is estimated that the manufacturing industry will obtain the greatest benefit financial from the adoption of AI, lightening the economic impact of the sector, increasing efficiency, innovation and competitiveness.

However, the gap between large companies and SMEs remains important. Among the reasons that slow down the adoption of technologies related to AI are the difficulty of measuring the monetary value of Artificial Intelligence, a poor perception of the final value of AI in terms of making production more efficient or optimizing processes, low confidence with respect to digitization.

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