Agrifood and innovation, only two out of ten SMEs have not activated a website

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Only 8.3% of agri-food SMEs in the North-East have not yet activated a website and more than 41% of those that have done so have made it available in two languages. In addition to Italian, the most widespread are English and German, followed by French and Spanish. However, while in most cases the telephone number (present on 483 of 503 sites) and the email address (430 of 503) of the company are provided, there are still very few companies that offer more immediate contact methods, such as WhatsApp (4%).

These are some of the results of the third edition of the “Strategies and innovation in food” observatory, created by the Agrifood Management & Innovation Lab of Ca’ Foscari University to understand how north-eastern agri-food SMEs are approaching the so-called “twin transition”.

A growth model better known by its English name, twin transition, capable of exploiting the opportunities offered by new technologies and data to achieve the objectives of fighting climate change and the degradation of ecosystems. According to the World Economic Forum, for example, digital technologies could reduce greenhouse gas emissions in key sectors such as energy and mobility by 20% by 2050.

Based on the analysis of 566 companies based in Trentino-Alto Adige, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, with between 10 and 250 employees, from the dairy industry to the production of oil, from the processing and preservation of fruit and vegetables to of meat, the survey by the Agrifood Management & Innovation Lab outlines an overview of how agri-food companies in the North East are relating to digitalisation and sustainability.

An emblematic example of synergy between digital and green technologies, in the agri-food sector, is the use of devices for the collection and processing of data to reduce the use of water, fertilizers and pesticides, or the use of blockchain for tracking origin and quality of the food.

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