Agreement between Ansaldo and Enel on new generation nuclear reactors

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Enel e Ansaldo Nucleare have signed a collaboration agreement to examine and evaluate new technologies and business models for producing energy from the atom, such as small modular reactors (Smr) and advanced modular reactors (AMR), and their industrial applicability.

These are innovative reactors, some of which are still in the development phase, which will potentially allow electricity to be produced from nuclear sources in a sustainable and economical way, guaranteeing a high degree of versatility and flexibility during operation. The partnership is aimed at exploring the prospects of these two frontier technologies, analyzing in particular their industrial opportunities.

Common analysis path

The agreement, in fact, provides that, «in addition to progressively evaluating the degree of maturity of the new SMR and AMR reactors and the related operational areas, the two companies will build a common path in which the analysis, monitoring and possible evaluation of joint initiatives contribute to verifying the effective applicability of the two technologies, with particular attention to the involvement of the Italian supply chain”.

The objective, the Ansaldo technicians explain, “is to use innovative technologies as a development lever for a future competitive advantage for the country in terms of new generation nuclear power”. Enel and Ansaldo Nucleare, which have been operating abroad in the nuclear sector for several years, are both part of the National Platform for Sustainable Nuclear Energy established at the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security, precisely to study a national strategy in a participatory and collegial manner for the sector.

Long experience in the sector

The Enel group has consolidated experience in the nuclear sector, both for the management of plants through its subsidiary Endesa, in Spain, and for construction, through its participation in the Slovenske Elektrarne company in Slovakia.

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