Agcom has the still circulating videos of a self-harm challenge removed from TikTok

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An intervention that made it possible to eliminate the last videos still visible on TikTok of the infamous “French scar”. That self-defeating challenge among young people has had a sequel that to define as worrying is also an understatement. Viral trend that started in France a year ago and has also taken hold in Italy with the result of thousands of faces swollen from pinches so strong as to cause self-harm.

The last 6 videos still visible

First there was an investigation by the Antitrust Authority against Tik Tok. The sending of the documentation to Agcom was used by the Communications Regulatory Authority to arrive at the order, followed by a spontaneous adjustment by TikTok, to remove 6 videos still present on the platform, which showed images of young people faced with the challenge of the “French scar”.

The spontaneous adaptation of TikTok

TikTok complied, as mentioned spontaneously, with Agcom’s order within the five days provided for by the regulations (the Tusma Consolidated Law 208/2021 and the implementing regulation 298/2023). «It is the first provision adopted by the Communications Regulatory Authority – we read in a note from Agcom – in application of the new regulation on platforms, implementing the art. 41, paragraph 7, of the TUSMA (resolution no. 298/23/CONS)”.

Agcom’s intervention on platforms

Based on the provisions of the Tusma and the implementing regulation, Agcom can intervene to limit the circulation of video programs generated by users and audiovisual commercial communications disseminated on a video sharing platform (VSP) and directed to the Italian public, where it is established that “these contents are harmful to the psychophysical development of minors, or incite hatred or are harmful to consumers and there is an emergency situation”.

All characteristics which fully fall within the challenge that raised the alarm level last year and ended up being the first “victim” of the Agcom action which tested its first intervention on the platforms which now opens up scenarios yet to be verified for the future.

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