Abruzzo companies advance with a focus on human capital

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From pharmaceuticals to ICT continuing with agri-food and furniture. The Abruzzo companies that entered the Stars of the South ranking operate in these areas. At the top is Dante Labs (see the report on page 2) then the others. The common thread that unites all company stories is that of human capital. As happens at Perfexia, which deals with Software Development, Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics. «We started operating in 2005 – says president Danilo Lucangeli – in 2013 we started dealing with artificial intelligence and big data when it wasn’t even being talked about yet. Now we have 40 employees and 15 consultants and for us the human factor is fundamental.” Alias ​​Group is recording growth and has been creating digital cloud solutions since 2004. «In 2010 we were the first to provide compliant cloud storage and electronic invoicing, when it became mandatory in 2019 we were already prepared. – underlines the managing director Marco Mazziti -. Today the company has 110 thousand active customers on the platform and 450 partners across the country.” And then I work on “objectives, smart working, corporate welfare, training and pink quotas that exceed the blue ones”. Team Service Eagle Consulting is also growing, a company dedicated to providing “high-level consultancy services in the financial field, corporate training, and the integration of Team System software solutions”.

Sun city (registered and operational headquarters in Pescara and second base in Rome) is, however, the innovative startup that “daring” became a group. In the well engineering and management sector there is the independent company Wellynx active since 2011. In the bathroom furniture sector there is Ottopuntozero, founded in October 2016 and operational since April 2017. Play the card of human factor, as well as a continuous search for quality the Talamonti agricultural company: «People are our strength – underlines the administrator Antonella Di Tonno – and the constant commitment accompanied by the search for quality». Growth also for the company Autotrasporti Pelusi Srl founded in 2010 by the owners Danilo & Mattia Pelusi. Guzzini &Fontana was born from different experiences and the desire to “put them together to face a new challenge”. «Six years ago we tried – underlines Paolo Corradi, partner and managing director – and despite some skepticism we managed to grow in the name of a new humanism». People are also at the center of Ngr med, a specialist company in the upstream oil sector. «Our company has existed since 2017 but we all come from previous experience in the sector – underline Francesco Sini CEO, and Stefano Sini Coo -, today we have around a hundred employees in Italy and around 15 in Hungary». Then there is Enesco, Energy Service Company made up of a network of professionals who have been dealing with renewable energy since 1998. Xenia, with 30 years of management and commercial experience in the travel industry. For the food sector, Fattorie Toccaferro which «was born from a thought that lives in the kitchens of grandmothers and among the flavors of small village shops».

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