A signature hotel near Clooney’s house

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Shutters that look like butterfly wings dancing on the lake, the reception that is dug 15 meters into the rock, the partly permanent and partly exhibition art gallery and library that unites the two bodies of the hotel, the main soul and the suite area. These are just some of the architectural features of the new hotel in Laglio designed by star architect Dante Oscar Benini + Vito Ruscio.

The investment involves the construction of a hospitality structure and is carried out by Gianmario Cazzaniga, entrepreneur, owner of Isg (Iniziativa Sviluppo group), Real Estate developer specialized in commercial properties, RSAs and hotels. As well as former patron of Seregno Calcio.

The swimming pool is on the roof of the hotel, where there is also a solarium and a bar. The choice of color in the pool is given by the aim of replicating the water of the lake. The gallery has an area on the roof with 15 centimeters of water, where you can walk while admiring the surrounding lake.

On the arrival floor the restaurant, separate from the hotel and therefore created to also attract local customers.

The suites of the second building, eight in total (two others are in the main body), are rooms of more than 80 square meters each, here comes a private passage for the butler who serves this area.

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