A 3D showcase for shoe artisans

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Un immense virtual showcase for the artisans of the Marche footwear district. The “shoes valley” synonymous with the excellence of Made in Italy has, in fact, left the confines of the shops to enter the 3D network.

The opportunity was offered by Future Fashion srl, an innovative small and medium enterprise created in 2017 by Andrea and Francesco Carpineti together with Michele Luconi. Three friends aware of living in the land of excellent manufacturing, to which the technology of our time could be of help. This is how the Dis brand was born, the fastest 100% made in Italy brand in the world. Thanks to an omnichannel 3D configurator, any customer who wants to buy a pair of shoes can improvise as a shoe designer and imagine his own personalized shoe, choosing from over 60 million combinations.

Basic models that can be adapted to your own style, adding some variables, from color to material, or dedicated to a special day, such as a wedding, by writing the name of the groom or bride or the date of the fateful wedding on the heel. A creation, also the result of his own creativity, which in just 10 days is created by the master craftsmen of the Fermo-Macerata footwear district.

The service can be used online on the website www.designitalianshoes.com and offline in selected boutiques.

However, Future fashion also had to deal with Covid, when the place of shoes was taken by slippers and sales plummeted. But the pandemic was also an inspiration to think about a 360-degree application for 3D visualization tools. The company thus creates a new business division, aimed at selling the 3D software created in the past for the Dis brand.

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