A 146 million plan to support members of Nurri’s Pastori Op

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From energy support with renewables to e-commerce, continuing with the recovery of abandoned olive groves up to logistics. The Producers’ Union of Nurri, which has 600 members and a turnover of 20 million, launches the new industrial plan which provides for investments of 146 million euros. Important numbers for the organization founded 60 years ago and considered, for some years, an “important and cutting-edge reality in the agro-pastoral world of Sardinia”.

The industrial plan envisages, among other things, the creation of an e-commerce platform for the promotion and sale of the products of member companies throughout the world, with a very modern distribution logistics and product transformation network, an own brand , solid national partnerships and fifteen showcases in Rome alone. An “important” initiative as the promoters underline, carried out with the support of the ‘Le Eccellenze dei Parchi Naturali della Sardegna’ Foundation, founded two and a half years ago, in the midst of the pandemic.

The industrial plan also includes the construction of a freezing plant for slaughtered lambs, a service center for open-field horticulture, and another for the recovery of abandoned olive groves. And then the investment to ensure product traceability, thanks to the new P-Chip technology and renewable energy clusters. One of the most significant initiatives concerns the front linked to energy supply, with an “intervention in favor of their members, which will help reduce costs for companies and families and, for the most virtuous entities, to zero”. «The Foundation has developed a general study of the factors limiting the development of companies in central Sardinia, according to which the cost of energy affects approximately 0.62 euro cents for each liter of milk produced and delivered to us – says President Salvatore Shovel –. As with many other activities that still make our communities in central Sardinia alive, energy and other fixed macro-costs are the brakes on development. For this reason, from next month we will transfer to our members a package of kWh, produced in our plants, which will be implemented in steps over the next 12-18 months”.

A way, as the president underlines, to «help our colleagues and their families to support business costs and also family costs, costs which, for the most virtuous companies, will gradually be able to be eliminated». An important support, as underlined by vice president Pierpaolo Pani, which arrives «at a delicate moment for the energy market, considering that from next January 10th the protected market will definitively cease and there will be the mandatory transition to the free market» . Pani also underlines another aspect: «We consider that milk price variations affect on an annual basis, on average 20-30%. From 1.70 to 2 euros per liter of milk from this campaign, considered a high peak, we can go to 1.50 or from 0.30-0.50 per liter of milk. With our 0.62 euro reduction in energy costs we will absorb any variation and have a positive impact on the family and business budgets of our communities, giving certainty to the supply chain of those who work and operate with us and in synergy with us with a district logic. What we want to send is a message of stability for families and of trust for the new generations, to whom we want to say ‘stay in the company, don’t leave, much can be done to grow the economy of individual companies/families and of the whole central Sardinia”.

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