19 million Italians travel between Christmas and New Year

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Suitcases packed for around 19 million Italians (+10%) ready to travel between Christmas and New Year, fueling a 15 billion business. This is what a Federalberghi survey reveals which estimates that 13.3 million Italians will leave for Christmas and almost 6 million for New Year’s Eve. A minority will go abroad: 5% will leave at Christmas and another 8.3% at the end of the year. Among the popular destinations are the warm seas and European capitals. It should not be forgotten, again according to the forecast survey carried out by Acs Marketing Solutions for Federalberghi, that a large part of Italians will not have the opportunity to leave. «The scenario that our investigation confronts us with is that of a recovery, yes, but it lasts. Because I don’t think we can underestimate the fact that, among those who decided not to leave, a good 49.5% found themselves faced with a forced choice for economic reasons. This is followed by family reasons (24%) and because he will take the holiday in another period (19.9%)” explains Bernabò Bocca, president of Federalberghi.

According to the analysis of hoteliers, we spend more, but due to the difficulties caused by the increase in the cost of living, we actually tend to drastically reduce the costs of accommodation, food and entertainment. In this context, the global turnover expected for the holidays at the end of 2023 still reaches the figure of almost 15 billion. «Our fellow citizens seem increasingly oriented towards giving greater substance to the duration of their holiday and this is undoubtedly a fact that is positively striking, because it actually gives back the feeling of returning to a sort of normality that was lost in the terrible years of the pandemic – underlines Bocca -. Looking at the New Year period, in my opinion we are witnessing a new phenomenon that is worth focusing on: smartworking becomes a strategic tool for extending the holiday. An evaluation that comes naturally judging by the 21% of travelers who, according to our survey, reveal that they have made the choice to gratify themselves with travel without neglecting work.”

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