100 euro ultra-broadband voucher for families: here’s how it works

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To many it will seem like a chimera, after the sequence of unsuccessful announcements that have arrived for almost two years now. But this time – in the form of 100 euros per family – incentives for activating internet connections at ultra-wide band they really should have passed the (very long) technical trading with the offices of the European Commission and could materialize in 2024.

The Infratel consultation

The details are contained in a public consultation opened by Infratel, the in-house company of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy which will have to operationally manage the measure. Infratel asks operators to express an opinion on the scheme created after discussions with the European Commission by 11 January 2024.

Costs covered

The plan provides for the provision of a voucher equal to 100 euros in the form of a discount on the activation price, if any, and on the amount of the fee, including the supply of the modem. This is a revision compared to what had been proposed before the discussion with the European Commission: 100 euros instead of 300, to theoretically cover more families out of an overall endowment that should remain at 400 million (the Infratel consultation does not specify this, but these are resources already allocated).

The connection speed

The discount will cover 24 months and must be used towards activation or an upgrade to a subscription with at least 300 megabits/second download speed. Families who do not have any connectivity service or who have one with a download speed of less than 300 megabits/second will be able to request it. The Infratel consultation does not refer to an ISEE limit for beneficiary families.

Switching to other operators

The voucher will be portable at any time and its value can be transferred in the event of a change of subscription to avoid what in technical jargon is called lock-in on contracts, i.e. caging a customer always with the same supplier. However, as regards new activations, there will be a limitation: only families who have not had a connection in the last 6 months will be able to access the voucher.

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